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Luang Prabang (LPQ)

A land-locked country that borders Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, and China, Laos is a hidden jewel. With karst mountains, scenic rivers, impressive waterfalls, and enigmatic caves, it is one of South East Asia’s most beautiful countries. Unspoiled and unhurried with a laid-back lifestyle, it’s a perfect destination for people who like a relaxed pace of travel and their tourist crowds virtually non-existent.

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Why travel:  

Luang Prabang: This UNESCO World Heritage city charmingly showcases its archeological history with a fusion of traditional Lao temples and French Colonial buildings. Meander through the town’s winding streets, taste its Lao cuisine, cruise upstream on the Mekong River, visit the impressive Kuang Si Waterfalls or climb to the top of Mt. Phousi and witness incredible sunset.

Vientiane: Lao’s largest city retains Laos’s relaxing vibe with low buildings, old Buddhist temples, and outstanding French colonial architecture. Visit the COPE Center, an organization exhibiting COPE’s valuable work to help the people who are still being maimed by unexploded cluster bombs from the Vietnam war. Numerous Buddhist wats provide an insight into the Buddhist heritage. Wat Si Saket, a temple of thousands of gold, silver, and bronze Buddhas, is beautiful, the 16th-century Great Stupa is the national cultural monument, and Wat Ho Pra Keo, now a museum, was a former royal temple. The top of the Patuxai Monument provides beautiful views of the city.

Pakse: The sleepy town of Pakse, located in a dormant volcano, is a perfect base for the Bolaven Plateau Area, home to dozens of waterfalls, beautiful sceneries, fascinating tribal villages, and coffee and tea plantations. Must-see sights include ruins of the 1000 years old Khmer temple, Wat Phou, and post-card worthy archipelago of islands called Si Phan Don (4000 islands).

Waterfalls: Kuang Si Waterfall near Luang Prabang, with the cascading aquamarine pools leading to the main falls, is the most beautiful in the country. Tad Sae waterfall near Luang Prabang, Khone falls, and Pha Pheng in Si Phan Don or ‘4000 Islands’, Tad Fane in Bolavan Plateau, are just a few of the spectacular falls in a country that can easily be called a waterfall wonderland.

Caves: Travelers with hidden Indiana Jones within them will be hard-pressed to find a better place to explore caves than Laos. Caves of Pak Ou are a shrine of over 4,000 statues Buddha statues. Konglor Cave, navigable only by boat, is a geological wonder of innumerable rock formations. Tham Nam, the water cave near Vang Vieng, is famous for outdoor adventure and natural beauty, and Vieng Xai caves are known as the “Hidden City” that housed over 20,000 people during the Vietnam War.

River Travel: Mekong River is Laos’s most important resource and the lifeline of Southeast Asia. The best way to explore it is on a traditional teak boat that sails through lush jungle scenery, stopping at traditional riverside villages and limestone caves. Amenities on the cruise trips include private cabins, alfresco dining, and decks with a panoramic view.

The Plain of Jars: Spread over hundreds of square miles around Phonsavan, the mysterious giant jars made from hard stone are the most enigmatic attraction in Laos. Although said to be over 2,000 years old, their origin is still a mystery. Legends about their purpose range from vessels to ferment rice wine or collect monsoon rainwater. However, with the discovery of human remains in the 1930s, archaeologists believe they were used as urns in burial rituals.


When to go:

Best time to visit: Oct-Apr. The weather is warm and dry. River travel is best between Nov through January as the water levels are high, and carrying layers is recommended as it gets cold during the cruise.

High Season: Oct-Apr. 

Low Season: May-Sep. Monsoon season brings rains, but showers are usually short, and the landscape is lush green.