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Bali (DPS); Jakarta (CGK)


Made up of around 17,500 islands, of which only 6,000 are inhabited, Indonesia is a geological wonderland. Undoubtedly Bali offers everything that most visitors look for; beautiful beaches, stunning volcanoes, diving adventures, and the spiritual city of Ubud. But venturing further into the country unveils an experience into a land full of natural wonders, unique wildlife, smoking volcanoes, lakes that change color, vibrant culture, and untouched remote islands. 

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Why travel:  

Bali: Idyllic beaches, sunsets that take your breath away, waves that surfers dream of, enchanted rainforests, misty treks across volcanos, emerald-green rice terraces, secret canyons, magical temples, and spirituality. Pretty much sums up Bali! 

Sumatra: Indonesia’s largest island is also its most breathtakingly beautiful. Its lush rainforests are home to orangutans, elephants, rhinos, bears, and Sumatran tigers (although spotting one will be a rare sight indeed!). Hike the volcanoes, kayak on the beautiful lakes, river tube in one of the 47 rivers, and relax on the unspoiled beaches. 

Lombok: Located right near Bali, Lombok is a perfect place to experience crystal clear water with fewer crowds. If laid-back, isolated dream beaches are your idea of an ideal vacation, look no further than the Lombok and Gili Islands. 

Raja Ampat: Pristine, unspoiled, and unforgettable, the four islands of Raja Ampat are home to some of the world’s best scuba diving. It is home to 75% of the world’s coral species, with thousands of different fish and mollusks species.

Komodo National Park: The largest living lizards in the world and the closest thing we have to dinosaurs, Komodo Dragons are Indonesia’s best-known inhabitants that live on just five Indonesian islands – Komodo, Rinca, Gili Motang, and Padar. A chance to walk alongside these 3+ meters, 150 lbs reptiles is a real thrill. Their bite is toxic and allows them to hunt and kill far bigger animals. They have been known to eat a human or two, so a visit with park rangers as protection is highly recommended!

Orangutans: The island of Borneo is home to wild orangutans. One of the best ways to see them is to rent a Klotok boat, float down the Sekonyer River and visit the Camp Leakey Orangutan rehabilitation reserve in Tanjung Putting National Park. A vast natural reserve of over 740,000 acres that protects the orangutans since 1937.


When to go:

Indonesia is hot year-round, and the seasons are divided into the warmer dry season and cooler wet season. Bali, however, is ideal year-round.

Best time to visit: Apr-Oct. The dry season brings clear and blue skies. September is a beautiful time to visit Indonesia. Although the prices are high, the crowds are less.

High Season: Apr-Oct. 

Low Season: Nov-Mar. The rainy season brings humidity, especially in the South of Indonesia. However, you will find fewer crowds. The shoulder season of March through May and October and November has low prices and fewer crowds.