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Climb Mt Kenya

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Nairobi – Old Moses – Likii North – Shipton’s – Austrain Hut – Mt Kenya Lodge – Nairobi

Kenya’s highest mountain dominates the area and has huge cultural significance for many tribes. Its soaring peaks, often covered in snow, are the principal home of Mungai (God) for the Kikuyu, Meru and Kamba tribes and it is said that the original Bantu name for the mountain “Ki-Nya” literally describes the black and white plumed Ostrich, Mungai’s sacred symbol which the Mountain is said to resemble. It is also the origin of the country’s name: Kenya. Mt Kenya – Sirimon – Chogoria RouteThis 7 day trip is for those that want to enjoy hiking on one of Africa’s most beautiful mountains. This is a non technical ascent that takes hikers to Point Lenana and it is fully supported with all our own tents and gear rather than using routes that rely on the huts. Starting at Sirimon this trip is designed to see the best of the mountain. There is an ascent to Point Lenana at 4985m and so participants will ascend into extreme altitude on this trip. The descent is down Chogoria with a night in bandas to allow for a shower before descent! All the best parts of Mt Kenya, stunning views of the peaks, tarns and fantastic endemic flora. A chance of seeing some wildlife and arguably the prettiest high altitude hike in East Africa.

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